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This is 18+ RPG Game:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAdult, Anime, bdsm, bondage, breeding, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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CAII Trial.7z 481 MB
CAII 试玩版.7z 475 MB


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How much left to be finished?


There's always only a demo version here,u need to find it on the internet,some places have already v4.0


UI is unresponsive to keyboard commands in tutorial.

controllers do not work.

game is censored../facepalm

really nice art, 

game sucks.

It feels like what you wrote is not the question that this game should have at all, and I don't know how to answer you...


Hope we will have this game in android soon btw tks for a new patch guys :) 

Sorry for the question, you don't have to answer me if you don't want to, but I would really appreciate it if you answered me. Does the game have cheats or something similar? and if you have how to use.


When will android version come out?


When game finished :)

is it possible to finish as a virgin end?

yes, but the difficulty of the gameplay is increased 

I downloaded the game but i can't seem to find how to set the language to english. 

is the translation done? or am i looking in the wrong places?

Deleted 1 year ago

I'd like to know how to create my account.


Yeah the same, I am very confused when logining. There's a way to login Cursed Armor 2?

the login option thing is  to control Patreon only content. the game is still in development. Pleaes consider subscribing on Patreon aswell. by doing you not only unlock extra content. the more people who do, the more content in general the game will get.


I buy cursed armor II

I buy cursed armor II   2 usd

I not open file


how do you create a account to play cursed armor 2

Hello, I'm from China. I love curse armor I, so I found this place. But see the second is free game, this is why? And I can't download the game. Is it a regional problem? I will support you in the future. I hope you or you can give me the answer why can't download the question


I have downloaded it. Thank you. Is this game always free? Why?

Deleted 2 years ago

Why can't I find this email? Did you make a mistake?


我想玩完整版,但是没有信用卡借记卡和PayPal  我想支持你们并玩到完整版诅咒铠甲2,但是我还是个学生  却没有办法支持。我只有银行卡  请问我该怎么办


when its going to be for android?

2 years later



I want to play it now pls

Need finished it first.


I managed to get to the beast forest, and have kept my virginity up until now. how do i manage to keep it through the beast lady questline? i always lose it as soon as i get captured


What do I do after reading the second book, the one about the artifacts? I go to sleep but the text for what to do is untranslated. From the character's dialogue she wanted to try and try to go succubus mode during the night but both options just lead to next morning. I ask jessica "plan" but the text is again untranslated. Any advice on how to proceed?


Use new version.


Bruh this is lit af

I really look forward to the full game :))

(1 edit)

excuse me, also in that sequel are there demonic characters? because I hate this feature in the games. I've only start to play your previous game and is a nice job, but I quit to play to cause this feature.

thank you

is there a way to see what it is that we have to do in the game in the princess form?


very good so far i hope for the 100% translated comes soon 


May be you need like 100% content :P

Oh, two years, please wait. T_T




i was waiting for two year