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This is 18+ RPG Game:

Game unzip password: wolfzq

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAdult, Anime, bdsm, bondage, breeding, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


Buy Now$16.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $16 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CAP250EV.7z 426 MB
CAP250EV.apk 470 MB

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I bought the game through itchi io and it won't launch

y is my charater red

Anal sex ?

I just get a blank white screen when I try to load the game

my file wont convert to a zip

solved it

Wil i ever be able to pay with PayPal cause i don't have a credit card

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What is this game's version

Mine is V2.04

Hey wolf y does the game keep closing itself every hour


How do I get meat toilet title

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will it ever be free I dont have any money but I want to play

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I've I get get the game here do I have to put in a password to play it?

This version no need password. If you join patreon, please wait 5th.

for the start up of the game its asking me for a password for the game and file so i imagine something is not working any suggestions ?


Patreon?please use patreon message ask me

 sorry im just a little confused on what your asking 

Why not all the clothes are displayed on the character, the same problem with hairstyles. Please help me

Dont use other players save. It is month gifts in patreon.

I have a question, i have the steam version, but it says it's only v2.04. Are many differences? it Disappeared form Steam?

Steam's publisher has a problem and it is taken down. There is no way to update. Sorry. The version here is a bit higher, with a little more content

Where do I put in my password for patron and cosplay items?

Ask in patreon, here version no need password.

what you mean by that is it doesnt have all the patreon cosplay gifts?



I love pancake


i bought it but when i try extracting it tells me that its broken..... pls help



So occasionally when I am defeated this will pop up and the game crashes an I missing a file or something



Test again, may be you play long time.

Deleted 2 years ago

Yes, it is uncensored.

If you want a better version, you can go patreon $16 one time.




the winrar archive file mostly download it will broken 

Cursed Armor [v2.50]

try download it mostly on other link still the file rar archive broken can i get other file link to download it?

Please use 7zip. And redownload it to unzip.

Cant install the apk

I can install it, what is wrong?

Cant install app just say that every time i try to install the APK

This time fix it.

yeah fix it, thanks

For the Android version, is there a prerequesite of some kind to install first..? I'm unable to install the APK and it's the only game I've ever seen do that. 

I tried on two different devices (one old, one very new) and same problem for both. I redownloaded the zip file just in case, but same problem.

I dont know Android,  but my phone test is ok, maybe you need update system new version? 

Unfortunately, that's not it; I'm all up to date. Tried on a Samsung Note 9 (Android 9), Huawei phone (Android 7) and an Amazon Kindle Fire (their own version, but other games still install fine). 

Each of them just say: "App not installed" roughly 3/4 in the installation process. If the file downloaded from this site actually works for you, and you are not using Android... Is it possible the game simply doesn't install on Android-based systems even if it is an APK file?

I use iphone but I test it in my friend's android. It can use.


I will test it again, but need some days later. And this time only you tell me it is not to use : (

I hope it is my problem, because it can be fix. 

Same problem for me, bought it only because it have android version, but no matter on what device i try to instal it, aquiring message App not instaled.  Tried samsung s7, note 9, xiaomi pro 8, lg  g7. This app impossible to instal on any android. Tried it on blue stacks emulator, but it also got error message - install_parse_failed_no_certificates. Look like app file have some problem with certificate. Can you update app please?

OK, I will test update one time.

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update it, please test it

This time fix it.

This time fix it.

It works now, thank you!

After downloading the windows version of the game, it's unplayable. When I tried starting the game, it gives a message saying, " the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." How do i solve this problem? I have tried reinstalling it and starting it from the file explorer, but neither worked.

Test update your IE 11 or default IE 11's content.

Stop your antivirus software

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I bought this game before the update, I played it, it worked. Now all I get is a white screen...nothing happens. plz fix

resetup IE 11, change default confirm. redownload game and reunzip game.I hope you can play it.

what is IE 11? internet explorer 11?

internet explorer 1

has this one been fully translated to english?

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Yes, 2.50 is the new version

i'm a bit confused about the huge breast and pregnancy bodyshapes is it possible to get them?

That all in game.

ok becuase it very confusing with most of the armor version for example the parasite one how can some one get it also i kinda wihs there was a walkthrough for the game that can give some tips on certain stuff

This is freedom rpg, all big lines need in guild to get mession.

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ok i guess i will keep guessing then also what the difference in the remake and v2.02?